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Alan Titchmarsh and ITV studios launched a new range of bird care products for spring 2013. This included bird houses, feeders, seed and feed. They required a booklet to promote the products, which would be available in two variations – one for public and one for trade. The trade copy was mailed out to thousands of garden centres across the UK, while the public copy was available to take, housed in the in-store product display.

The version shown here is the trade edition of the design. This was the key version – it was what helped get the products in store and the money coming in. The in-store version was secondary to this, and only had any relevance if the first one was a success. A crucial part to this success, was clear and concise delivery of details, prices, attributes and visuals. It was important to have the design look right, but the first thing to address was making sure that the customer had everything they needed to make a decision.

With the concept for this design, we wanted to create a sense of being in the garden, as if the reader is in amongst where the products will be used. We wanted it to reference a gardener’s scrap book, with notes spread about and bits of weeds popping through. The header shows vines flowing across the page, with Britain’s most prominent garden birds perched at various points.

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