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Direct Traveller are the leading specialist tour operator from the UK to North Cyprus (although they do provide holidays for a range of other locations). In their own words … ‘Designed for couples, families, and friends, our summer holidays are as diverse as our winter holidays. From fascination fuelled escorted tours and exotic beach holidays to culture buzzing city breaks and exhilarating twin centre holidays, we ensure you that whatever holiday you chose you’ll find unforgettable experiences that will enthuse and inspire the adventurer in you.’

These are two pieces we designed for them – their 2014 and 2015 catalogues. They are both over 200 pages long, with each page having a good deal of information to be displayed. Catalogues like this often get quickly flicked through by the reader, with them having a formed idea of what they are looking for from the outset. For this reason, clearly and directly displaying the key information – location, accommodation details, offers, prices – is paramount

Direct Traveller supplied all images used in this design. They were keen to have these images be shown to their full potential, and have them as the main attraction. Holidays are often sold on what we see in pictures, so DT wanted the design to let them sing and have little to distract or draw attention away from them.

The other elements – such as the maps – were all created from scratch.

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