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These posters are designed to be used by small theatres or drama groups, promoting their upcoming productions. The design remains the same each time it is used – with only the details changing, dependant on their requirements. The customer fills in an interactive pdf, providing the information to be added to each editable area.

A key feature of this design, is it’s ability to be easily edited and customised to the needs of each customer. The layout is such that the length of each name, role, address or synopsis is flexible to what is provided, and elements can be easily removed or added.

The key attribute of an effective theatrical poster like this, is to capture the interest of the audience and draw them in – with the end goal of inspiring them to buy a ticket. For example, ‘Romeo & Juliet’ is a story that everyone is familiar with, and possibly the most famous tale of romance that has ever been written. With this design, we wanted to combine the themes of romance and tragedy, of a love that goes to the grave. We used roses to embody these themes, signifying love, passion and death.

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